Our philosophy

There is no well-being in society unless it's a responsible well-being. This is especially true for holidays when we reclaim control over our own time, the only thing we actually possess Seneca taught us (Letters to Lucillius): “We own nothing Lucillius, except time”.


Our selected suppliers and partners are chosen for their eco-sustainability, safety, environmental and food policies

Why choose L9

In line with the Tortoredo Municipal Policy and being the only resort in Abruzzo to be awarded the Lilac flag (award for disabled tourism) in 2021, the owner has implemented an inclusive design for the removal of all architectural barriers in the house. There is a stairlift after a small flight of stairs to the third floor penthouse making the house accessible for the physically challenged or non-autonomous

Whoever chooses L9, is opting for a holiday house that was designed for society’s needs and therefore even more attentive to our guests. As soon as you enter the house, we want you feel completely at home with the added bonus of a warm welcome from an unexplored land and so all the more ready to embrace it.

On your arrival you will find a special book called “L9 Concept” which explains the story behind this house including its name and with this little book you can begin a journey within the journey.

"It is not true that we only have a short time: the truth is we waste most of it"

(Seneca “De brevitate vitae”)