The region in a welcome basket

We offer our guests a welcome basket on arrival with the finest selection of the best local products

Fior di Montagna

This small farm business specialises in growing and transforming small fruit and garden vegtables in the little town of Scanno, in the heart of Abruzzo National Park, in the heart of the mountains. The company operates in full compliance with the regulations set out by ICEA (Institute for Environmental Ethics Research), the inspection agency for organic produce. Only selected ingredients are used like purely organic sugarcane, no preservatives or thickners

Cantine Cioti

The wine estate was founded in the 1700's and has managed to conserve its tradition, nowadays, fourth generation Cioti family members continue making biological wine. The vineyard is located at a height of 400m on a rich clay sandy soil covering about 4.5 hectares of family owned land (the other 2.5km are rented in the surrounding 1km area) at the foot of the national park Gran Sasso Monti della Laga to the forefront of the majestic Gemelli Mountains forming a backdrop. It offers the best variety of wine from the “Colline Teramane” consortium

Masciarelli Pastificio

The oldest pasta maker in Italy and among the oldest in the world, testimony to the history of Italian artisan pasta


An ancient olive-mill where the story of an organic farm began. It now exports olive oil and delicious preserves of the highest quality around the world

Giuseppe Mercante

Master potter from the town of Castelli, the gift item in your basket was custom-made for L9 guests along with an invitation to visit his workshop in Castelli where you can learn all about the production phases of these fine handmade ceramics. On request, the artist will take you on a guided tour around Castelli where you can admire the heritage and visit the town museum